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I am Carla Lawart and my goals are to become an international singer and to help children living upon the streets. I sacrified everything in my life since february to try to reach these goals. I need a record label. Can you help me?

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Carla Lawart

Hello. I am Carla Lawart. I am 29. I am portuguese. I live in France. In february 2014 due to some personnal reasons I decided to try everything to realize my dream since I'm a child: to become a singer. So, I bought a guitar and I started to write songs. I'm still searching for a record label. And it can be in any place in the world. I'm ready to move. I'm ready for change. I'm ready to rule. I speak portuguese, french, english, spanish and italian. So, you can contact me in the language you're better in. My second goal, if I reach the first (what will happen cause I don't give up) will be, if I earn enough money, to support and help children living upon the streets with no home, no food, no education, no family... children with nothing. I had a perfect childhood and to my concern all these children need to have it too and to also have a future. So, here i am. If you want to help. That's the moment. Thanks a lot for supporting me ;) Lots of love and God bless you :)

Publié le 21/10/2014 à 21h46

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Music and Lyrics by Carla Marques de Freitas.

Vocals by Carla Lawart.

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To become an international singer. To help children living upon the streets.